Amstrad Action

Bob Winner
By Loriciels
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #31

Bob Winner

Digitised pictures abound in this game of globe-trotting and combat. A lost civilisation needs to be found and you're the one to do it. For some strange reason the great powers don't want you to find it and so they've sent their best fighters to stop you.

The screen is made up of the playing area and a status panel at the bottom that lists the objects that you're carrying and the number of lives remaining. The playing area has two main parts: one where you and your opponents appear, and the other is the digitised picture of the location.

There are three major cities that you travel through en route to your destination: London, Paris and New York. In London you have to box with your opponents; in Paris you do French boxing and in New York you shoot it out with a cowboy. Before you can fight in the appropriate manner, you need the piece of equipment associated with it: boxing gloves, a boot and a pistol respectively. These are found in your travels and need to be collected.

Bob Winner

Not only are the greatest fighters in the world out to get you, but there are giant wasps, rockets, daggers and barrels to avoid. Swamps and geysers also need to be jumped over or you'll lose a life. Eventually you'll reach the temple where you have to answer questions asked by Buddha. To enter the temple you need three keys, a key is obtained by defeating two of the fighters. The lost civilisation will then be found.

Colour is not used much in this, but that doesn't matter because the digitised pictures make the game look very pretty. Animation of Bob and the other fighters is nifty and the other hazards are also well animated. There's a nice piece of music on the title screen. Effects in the game are less impressive.

Like most French software the graphics and music are excellent. Unfortunately there isn't enough game in there to play, all you do is walk around looking for the boxing glove, boot and pistol, hunting down opponents and jumping over things. A bit more gameplay could have made this an excellent game.

Second Opinion

Bob Winner

I really liked the idea behind this one but, as in the past, there isn't enough depth or action to keep you hooked for long. The idea of battling at different combat sports is nice but three is too few. There's also the frustrating elements like dying or getting hit when there's nothing you can do to avoid it. A nice little game but not a world beater.

Green Screen View

You can still see everything clearly

First Day Target Score

Collect two keys.

The Verdict

Bob Winner

Graphics 81% P. Beautiful background graphics. P. Animation is also smart.

Sonics 54% P. Great title tune. N. In-game effects are less enjoyable.

Grab Factor 64% P. Fighting your opponents is challenging. N. Until practised, you'll find swamp and volcano jumping frustrating

Staying Power 57% N. Not enough depth to the gameplay. N. A bit too easy to complete

Overall 60% N. Needs to be larger and with more action.


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