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Amstrad Action

Leaderboard Par 3
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #38

Leaderboard Par 3

Take one box, put in two tapes or disks, maps of the courses, a pad of score cards and what do you get? Probably enough computer golf to keep you going for months.

Leaderhoard was a Rave in AA21, and some supplementary courses were provided for it in Tournament Leaderboard. World Class Leaderboard arrived in AA26 and also got Raved about.

All together there are twelve different courses to play, four to each game. The graphics are very good for a golfing game/simulation.

It's well presented and not just bundled together hastily for a quick buck. But then again it is expensive. You do however get some extras in the score cards and maps. Computer golfers will find plenty to do with this, but if you're not an avid player then you might find the compilation just a little too narrow in scope.

Green Screen View

Grass is green anyway.