Amstrad Action

Taito Coin-Op Hits

Author: GBH
Publisher: Imagine
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #39

Taito Coin-Op Hits

Two new games join six old ones on this compilation from Imagine. The six are Slap Fight (AA24, 76%), Renegade (AA25, 90%), Arkanoid (AA22, 89%), Flying Shark (AA31, 73%), Arkanoid II: Revenge Of Doh (AA32, 83%) and the absolutely stupendously terrifically marvellous Bubble Bobble (AA30, 81%). The duo are Rastan and Legend Of Kage.

We'll restrict our comments to the new contributions. Rastan is a hack'n'slay type game with holes to jump over and hordes of monsters to dice. It's a multi-load, with lots of levels and plenty of objects to pick en route to your final confrontation with the evil wizard Karg.

The Legend Of Kage is a gratuitous slay of lots of Japanese men and things by a lone Ninja, Kage. He's out to rescue a princess from an evil dragon king. It's a four way scrolling game split into four sections: the forest, outside the palace, the wall and inside the palace. Many Ninjas must be defeated before you can go onto the next stage of the game.

Graphics vary considerably from game to game, the worst being in Legend Of Cage and the best in Renegade. Sound also varies a lot, but comes out about average overall.

Eight games for £13/£18 is good value for money and four of the eight are particularly good: Bubble Bobbie, Arkanoid, Arkanoid II and Renegade. If you don't have more than a couple of the above, Taito Coin-Op Hits could well be a suitable purchase.

Green Screen View

No problems.


Overall 74%
Excellent value for money.


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