Bimbo (Joe The Lion) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Joe the Lion
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

Strange game this - cross between Watership Down and Tranz-Arn! A moving maze scrolls in all directions as you control Bimbo the Rabbit. You have to get Bimbo to eat carrots, drop apples to distract pursuing black rabbits and avoid holes. Extra points are gained by eating clover. Your radar (Radar? For rabbits? All well.) shows the location of carrots, Bimbo and the black turbos ... sorry, rabbits. Eat all 10 carrots on each level to reach the next, but when you do, more black rabbits appear. The more you chase about, the more your energy level drops and the more carrots you need to eat. Every fourth level, there are no pursuers, just a race against time to get the fuel... sorry, carrots.

Graphics are quite well done, though distinctly 20. And boy, is this game fast! The inlay card says 100,000 is good, 250,000 brilliant. I couldn't even raise I,OOO! There ought to be variable difficulty levels.

Although professionally produced, with good presentation, the concept just isn't original or addictive enough. It hasn't been done with rabbits before but...


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