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Home Computing Weekly

Intermediate German
By Scisoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

This is a disappointment. It seems to combine all the most dreadful features of teaching texts with some very uninteresting presentation and careless programming.

You are offered four locations in order to test your understanding and vocabulary. You may choose one of three levels on which to work, and this is *work*.

You are presented with sentences from a sorry with words missed out, and which you must supply. Make a mistake, and you get no help. After several sentences, the whole story is presented in German or a translation is available in ofter stilted German.

Alternatively, you must translate a list of German words into English. Type something silly in, and you get a "Who is playing about?" error message, or, in one section, type in a respectable sentence, instead of single word answer, and the program actually crashes.

The final option allows the examination of a pretty crude picture on which the questions are based. If this was the work of a teacher for classroom use, then the lack of programming sophistication could be forgiven, but the dullness not.


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