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Home Computing Weekly

Bar Graph
By B. Jackson

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Displaying data with histograms is usually easier when the bars are PRINTed on the screen. It can be quite a challenge to write a program to provide vertical bars with pixel precision. You need a range of 'caps' for the bars and calculations must be performed.

This produces main bodies for the bars, then goes over then again adding the caps, which can look a little disconcerting. You can create up to 10 different 12-element histograms, each named by a letter, and each allowing you to title X and Y axes. You can enter values 0.02 - 9999999 and it will automatically rescale, choosing the best range for presentation. A multiplication factor is displayed with each graph to indicate the relationship of the scale displayed to the actual axis. There are a number of options.

The calculations are done surprisingly quickly. It is possible to store your data on tape, and to retrieve it, creating a limited but powerful graphics presentation facility. If only the tape transfer rate was higher this would make a valuable graphics tool for conferences, etc. Needs Extended Basic.


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