Home Computing Weekly

Turtle Jump

Author: L.C.
Publisher: Romik
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

The screen setting is a map of a group of Caribbean islands with turtles swimming between them. Your objective is to get from one island to another, collecting treasure points.

You can jump short distances and travel on anything solid, like the backs of the turtles. However, if a crocodile appears all the turtles dive. There are a few logs and small volcanic islands which sporadically appear.

Food grows on the islands and is used to top up your energy level. There is an energy barometer displayed on the screen to inform you when it's time for a forage. On one island there is a treasure chest. You must recover the treasure by jumping in while the lid is open and getting out again before it closes. The longer you're in the chest the more treasure you collect. Collected treasure must be taken back to your home base.

This is quite a nice game with an original theme. I found it difficult to keep on the backs of the turtles and consequently tended to end up on one island far from the treasure but feeding myself silly. I can see the attractions of opting out and living on a desert island.

There are no game control instructions and it took a while to discover how to jump. But all in all it is a nicely written average game, whose strength is the unusual plot.


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