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Home Computing Weekly

Plumb Crazy
By Terminal
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

A novel race against time requiring a good eye for laying pipes. The theme is to link a boiler, about to explode, to a relief valve. The path between the two is strewn with rocks so the pipe has to be laid in a roundabout way. For extreme emergencies George, the plumber, has a few sticks of dynamite.

To lay a run of pipes, George has to rush back and forth to Stores selecting the appropriate "bend". When suitably positioned, pressing fire "lays" that section. A pressure gauge is a constant reminder of the need for urgency. About ten seconds before the boiler explodes, the gauge thoughtfully sounds an alarm.

If you manage to successfully join up the pipes before it's too late, you proceed to the next level. There are 99 increasingly difficult levels to play.

The numbers of obstructing rocks increase. And George has to face the ghost of his former employer - to be avoided at all costs!

I enjoyed this game. Options, levels, method of scoring and bonus points are pitched about right, so interest is maintained and you're inclined to have "just one more go".


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