The Jetsons

Author: Keith Campbell
Publisher: Microillusions
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #101

The Jetsons

In case you haven't come across The Jetsons, they are a space-age version of the TV cartoon characters The Flintstones. This licensed game opens in your skypad apartment. Your autowaker has failed you, and, still in bed, you discover to your horror that you are already late for work. Rushing off in your jetcar, you skim the rooftops to face Mr Spacely's wrath, and making a grovelling spectacle of yourself you agree to do anything, just anything, to save your job...

This is an adventure driven entirely by mouse, which of necessity simplifies problems so that they can be solved with a small variety of commands, and a reasonable amount of common sense. The system used to implement the game is slick and quite fast in responding. Six icons represent the main commands (INTERACT, OPEN, CLOSE, GO, LOOK and GIVE) and these are supplemented by a series of multiple-choice actions that are specific to the current situation.

The main action window is drawn in cartoon-style graphics, often animated, and there are sound effects throughout. The title theme tune is a spectacular example of digitised music.


The Jetsons is an ideal game for newcomers to adventure, and especially to those who find traditional text adventures far too boring and unrewarding to be worthwhile.

Combining a good control interface and some excellent graphical touches, The Jetsons provides plenty of light-hearted relief for either a dedicated or novice adventurer! It's great fun!!

Keith Campbell

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