Home Computing Weekly


Author: L.C.
Publisher: Mastertronic
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This is a variation on the classic ghost maze game. In this case a Queen squirm travels round the maze laying eggs and you score points by following the trail picking them up. Two guard squirms may beat you to it and you have to avoid them.

If you manage to collect 255 eggs, you have a bonus run. During this run you are safe from attack but you cannot double back. After a bonus run you go up a level and the fun begins again.

When you eventually run out of lives the high scoreboard is displayed. If you are among the top five highest scorers your score is displayed and you can enter your name against it.

The cassette card gives a good indication of how to play the game and, on loading the game, a screen repeats the instructions. The screen graphics and colours have been carefully chosen to keep the action clear.

I liked this game. The pace was just fast enough to achieve a credible score which might be beaten next time round. Not a bad game and slightly different.


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