Home Computing Weekly

Hideous Bill And The Gi-Gants

Author: L.C.
Publisher: Virgin Games
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

A Pacman-type game, but much more entertaining. There are three levels. On the first you dash around the maze stamping on ant egg persued by giant ants. You can collect three spears within the maze which will defend you for a limited time. If you clear the screen you find yourself on the next level. This time you have no defences but you can collect a lever that opens or closes a trap door. When you clear this maze you have to hop behind the trap door yourself to collect a can of strengthening beans that take you to the third level where you meet the heroine, Greta, who is trapped.

This game has been very well designed. The instructions on the card are clear, but you also get a screen of instructions before each level.

I enjoyed playing this game. The speed was not impossibly fast, yet with only three lives it required some skill to get to the third level. All in all, a well thought out and presented package.


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