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David's Midnight Magic
By Ariolasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

This is a pinball simulation game for one to four players. On loading the game, you select the number of players and away you go. No joystick is required, you use the keyboard; the logo key for the left flippers and the shift key for the right.

There are suitable sound effects as the ball whizzes around hitting targets and rebounding off cushions. The table occupies one half of the screen and the score the other half. I didn't find the graphics very clear and prefer other versions of this game.

There are many ways of scoring points and collecting bonuses. If you don't worry about why you have scored but concentrate on belting the ball and stopping it disappearing down the bottom slot you will enjoy this. As you become more skilled you can change the plunger spring tension via the function keys to gain extra control.

At the end there is a high score board. The instructions say this is automatically saved to disc, but I found my disc kept crashing at this stage after a lot of head banging so I have reservations about the quality of the programming.

This needs a disc drive.


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