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Spectrum Safari
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

Finding yourself on an island, graphically illustrated, your task is to accumulate Rubloons in an attempt to buy a boat and escape. However, each man in your party consumes food every time you move, and each village can only be visited once. Tough stuff, huh? Wait till you come across one of the strange animals lurking in the jungle!

Each one sets you a task which is represented by a graphic game such as dodge the crocs, the secretive koala bear, the gambling gorilla, and would you believe, a kicking sheep? You accumulate 500 Rubloons per man for each task successfully completed, but lose a man if you fail. There are 10 such challenges.

Graphics are reasonable, though a little crude, but it's difficult to cram 10 games and a master program into 48K in glorious colour. The charm undoubtedly lies in the animal challenges, which require intelligence, dexterity and fast reactions. There is a practice mode.

One of the few programs that might exercise your intellect and still be fun!


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