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Home Computing Weekly

By Adventure International
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

The second in the series of graphically illustrated adventures in the Questprobe series devised by adventure originator Scott Adams. As with The Hulk, the strength of the program lies in its graphics. Although they occupy about a third of the screen only, they are very quickly drawn, and their quality is superb. Just like the Marvel Comics from which the characters come.

Along with the tapes comes a mini-comic with a story to set the scene, together with rather sparse instructions about how to proceed, but lots of detail about the strange characters you'll meet along the way. In traditional manner, there is a deliberate effort not to provide information; you have to find out for yourself. Even the normal "HELP" mechanism merely tells you to buy a 'hints' book!

You won't complete this in a hurry. Indeed, unless you are a hardened adventure freak, you may find it very frustrating getting started. The input interpreter is quite inflexible, so getting your instructions across and solving the puzzles is very diffiuclt. Classy, but rather over-priced; recommended for masochists and adventure freaks!


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