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Home Computing Weekly

Volcanic Dungeon
By Mastervision
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

An impressively presented text/graphics adventure from part of the Mastertronics organisation. Very detailed notes place your task in context. Essentially, you find yourself in an underground maze guarded by monsters in which you collect the weapons you need to survive whist searching for the glass coffin which holds the elfin princess.

The display consists of a lower section for the cleverly designed characters, quite difficult to read, whilst the upper right area gives a continuous status display. Upper left is a fairly crude box which represents your current location, and a monster if there is one.

The booklet already contains a dungeon map, and some useful playing hints. Very welcome for beginners.

Input is by single keystrokes, but this is not such a good idea, because it limits your instructions. Options seem very restricted in comparison with other adventures, and this, together with a map which shows the locations to be linked in grid-iron fashion, tends to inhibit your own imaginative additions. Not to my taste.


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