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Home Computing Weekly

Dix Mille
By Cases Computer Simulations
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #77

I didn't think much to this when I read the sleeve notes. A dice game? I thought even less when I saw the simple standard of screen presentation, and realised it was mostly in Basic.

How wrong can you be? It's riveting. I can't leave the thing alone!!

Up to six players can play, or your Spectrum will do battle against you alone. Six dice are thrown, by machine code, to the screen, then you choose.

When you see what you've thrown, you can take, adding to your score, and/or throw again.

As the number of dice decreases in your turn, the odds against getting a winning combination grow, whilst the odds of throwing three 2's get longers.

You can, however, quit while the going is good, and hand over to the next player. The first to score 10,000 wins.

Sounds boring, doesn't it? It's not!! Eventually, I realised that when I'm losing heavily, I have nothing to lose by gambling, and the same applies when I'm well ahead. But if it's neck and neck, care is called for.


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