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Sparklers Special
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #133

This compilation of late '83 early '84 games for the Spectrum comprises four tapes: Stagecoach, Orc Attack, River Rescue and Tower of Evil.

Tower of Evil is a sub-Atic Atac maze, search, collect and zap game with modest graphics, oversensitive controls, and breakneck speed. Ore Attack casts you as a knight atop some battlements with oil, rocks and sword to fight off the invaders who inexorably attempt to reach you with ladders, whilst bombarding you with arrows. You must therefore dodge and weave whilst employing your weapons. Quitetricky!

Stagecoach is also graphically unsophisticated. A vast scrolling yellow prairie with cactus, bones etc. as obstacles, must be traversed on your horse. Hit an obstacle and you're thrown. In the first phase you must find the stage and jump on it, then guide it through the mountains picking up passengers, gold and ammo. Finally, you must ward off the Indians. Equally tricky.

River Rescue is perhaps the best known of these games, where you have an overhead view of your boat on the river, and must guide it at enormous speed avoiding crocs 'n' rOCkS, picking up passengers as you go. Get far enough, and you even get bombed from a plane.

Although they are fun, none of these is up to the standard of the best £1.99 games as a result of rough edges and crude graphics. The pack shows genuine screen shots, however, so if it's what you want, then it's good value.


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