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Home Computing Weekly

Double Dealer
By Mfm
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #77

Double Dealer features the two known card games of blackjack, an advanced and expensive form of pontoon; and stud poker, just like the western movies! Your Spectrum is the dealer and opponent.

In both games, the cards are revealed on a lurid, shimmering green background, and as graphics go, are something of a disappointment.

No nice kings and queens, just big letters K and Q. There are, however, some good touches in terms of sound routines when cards are shuffled and the games start.

You can gamble away to your heart's content, secure in the knowledge that all the money you're losing isn't real!

There are several levels of difficulty, but you aren't allowed onto the higher ones until you've broken the bank ... and that takes some doing!

Your wins and losses are the subject of "humorous" messages. Some of the essential messages disappear rather too quickly.

Certainly, these games will allow you to learn the rules, practise, and occupy some time without leaving your chair. The instructions are fairly comprehensive without giving any real clue as to strategy.


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