Home Computing Weekly


Author: K.I.
Publisher: IJK
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #109

Rocketball is played by two teams of five roller-skated players on a circular track. The objective is to get the ball and throw it at the goals to score a point.

There are very few rules - you may even punch other players and push them out of your way. Due to the complexity of the movements you will need a good joystick to play the game. It is played fast and gives you little room for error if any other players are near you.

The screen will display the portion of the track that has the ball in it. Not all the men will be on at once, some which have fallen down will only be seen briefly until they stand up again.

Rocket Ball

You control one of your players at a time. If he should fall or move off the screen you take control of the player nearest the ball who is capable of the job. The man which you control is displayed in a colour slightly lighter than the rest of your team.

The graphics are good and clear. It is advisable to have a colour monitor - you need to be able to distinguish between colours and their various shades.

I found the game rather boring to play - too much is done automatically by the computer. I should point out that this is a one or two player game, I have been using it to play against the computer and have always lost.


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