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Home Computing Weekly

Where's My Bones?
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

The title sounds interesting and no doubt will persuade a few people to buy copies. Admittedly the screen displays look quite good. However, there is a complete lack of lasting interest and skill. I used to think computer games were fun - not an endurance test.

The object is to move your ghost around a maze which scrolls up the screen as you move down. Precision is required because one or two pixels make all the difference. There is no fast action, you simply tap the joystick to get to the correct position and then time your movement with a couple of missiles or blocks.

The graphics come in two different styles; rocky and brick walls. Each level contains a maze made out of one type of background and either missilesor moving blocks bar your way.

As you move, various demons appear. You can shoot them or smash into them, but you lose a shield each time you touch a demon.

Loading problems were encountered from time to time. I blame the fast loading system for this.