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Home Computing Weekly

Trollie Wallie
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

This is the last in the "Wallie" series of games from Interceptor Micros. In Trollie Wallie you must guide Wallie through a layout of rooms and corridors, collecting items on your way and then paying for them at the checkout.

The screen display is part of a cross-section of a large mansion. The idea is similar to that used in The Son Of Blagger - only a small proportion of the full screen is seen at any one time.

The rooms include walls, which must be switched out of the way, moving floors which open and close, conveyor belts, flashing walls, ladders, slides, alien beings and various other obstacles. The game is made even harder by having to return to the checkout whenever you collect five items.

The instructions are very brief and leave much to be desired. It took some time to work out the object of the game.

Loading is fast and problem-free.

The background music is excellent. Fans of Jean-Michel Jarre will recognise some of it instantly. The game is worth buying for the music, the high standard of gaming is a bonus.