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Speed King
By Digital Integration
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

Isn't it strange how many versions of one game you can find on the shelves of your local software shop. Speed King is a version of Pole Position that uses motorcycles 'instead of Formula One cars. The idea is to ride around a famous racing circuit and get the fastest possible lap time.

There are eight different circuits from all over the world. Each one has different backgrounds although there is no detail on the track itself to distinguish between them.

The game is played as if you were sitting on a motorcycle riding the circuit. The 3D graphics give fast and smooth movement. The bikes lean on the corners as they bank round them. If you go too slow you will get lapped by the track leaders or even smashed off the road.

You have a total of six gears to use. The game may be played using either a joystick or the keyboard. I found that in practice it is far easier with the keyboard.

The software is protected by a number code entry scheme. You have to loop up a certain code on the inlay card when the game starts up. The list of codes cannot be photocopied, thus making protected versions rather hard to run.

Although the game is very good and contains no bugs, it does seem rather expensive at £9.95 considering that the graphics could be much improved.