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The Micro User

By Superior/Acornsoft
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 4.12

Castle Challenge

The evil Baron Strieg has stolen the silver crucifix. Without its protection the village of Austburg is powerless against the local zombie population. To save the village you must enter Ravenskull castle and locate the four parts of the cross.

Before starting this arcade adventure you select your role - elf, wizard, warrior or just run-of-the mill adventurer.

Both your appearance and the treasure you must find is determined by your selection.

The screen provides an aerial view of yourself and your immediate surroundings. As you walk in one of the four possible directions the screen scrolls smoothly, revealing more of the castle.

You can toggle between this and the objects screen, where you select which of the items in your rucksack you wish to use in a particular situation.

The playing area is 64 times the size of the screen. The castle is built on four levels, with one quarter of the crucifix hidden on each.

But you can pick up a piece of crucifix only when you have collected every item of treasure on that level.

The castle is constructed as a giant maze, with sections closed off by different types of door.

Some of these can be opened using keys, but while these all look the same each one will only open a specific door.

Apart from keys you will find magic scrolls and potions which will give you special powers - or poison you!

Some the castle's nastier residents are the ravenbees and you will need split second timing to avoid these little beasties.

Ravenskull is a very enjoyable game. The puzzles are devious and the correct route is not always obvious but you know instinctively when you're on the right trail.

Steve Brook