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Published in Electron User 4.04

Football relies on several individuals working together as a team, which is one of the main reasons why programmers find the game very difficult to reproduce on the computer screen. Every football simulation I have ever played involves the player controlling one footballer and trying to score against a computer that knows exactly where you are going. This program does nothing to break this tradition - it is no worse than the opposition but it isn't any better either.

Goal is a five-a-side game which is played over 90 minutes: Fortunately, this isn't in real time. I doubt whether there is anyone out there who could play this game for an hour and a half without suffering permanent brain damage.

The game is played on three separate screens. Kick off occurs in the centre circle and as the ball moves to either side of the screen, the display changes to show one of the two goal areas. This three screen system is one of the game's weak points. You may make a break with the ball and pass all four opposition players while still in the central screen. As the screen is redrawn to show the goalmouth you will find that the blighters are waiting for you in their own goal area!


You control the player who is closest to the ball. Occasionally he will be tackled and the ball will bounce towards one of your other men. However, this new player will now respond to controls until you press the kick key, so don't forget!

You can tackle a player by getting yourself on the same horizontal plane as the man with the ball and then running at him. If you're lucky you will emerge from this clash with the ball at your feet. Pounding away at the kick key has very little bearing on the outcome of the encounter.

The computer-controlled players all move forwards together supporting the man with the ball. Your players stand there like dummies as you race forwards. At least they reappear when you enter your opponent's goalmouth, not that they're much help.

The cassette inlay says that the computer team will adjust its level of play during the game to match your own. It never got down to my level!

If you are desperate to play football on your computer then this game is as good as any.

Steve Brook

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