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League Challenge
By Atlantis

Published in Electron User 4.02

Have you got what it takes to mould a bottom of division four football team into a first division world beater? If you want to find you you'd best practice on League Challenge from Atlantis for starters.

First you must decide which of the 64 teams to manage. This decision is not too difficult once you realise that the squad you begin with is always the same, regardless of the team's name. The only variables are the individual players' skill and fitness factors. These are generated randomly each time the program is run.

Having selected your team the mid-week options are displayed. Option one lists players, their skill and fitness, whether they are selected for the team and their position, either defence, mid-field or attack. Option two allows you to sell your players - I sold every one and still managed to put two goals past Reading! Other mid-week options allow you to rename your team and save the game to tape.

League Challenge

It is now time to get down to some training, and the harder the schedule you select the more it costs. Training will only improve a player's fitness, it will never alter his skill level.

You first play either a league or cup match. Both your own and your opponents' skill and fitness levels are indicated. This provides an indication of your chance of success. If things are looking bad you can always select the change team option and make a few last minute replacements in the weaker areas.

Once you are satisfied with your selection you can play the match. This involves sitting back and watching what could loosely be described as goal mouth action. A few little cartoon characters flicker round the screen and the ball appears in the back of the net - hardly nail biting stuff!

The results of all other matches in the division are then displayed followed by the updated league table. The only opportunity available to improve your ailing team is when the transfer market information appears on the screen. You are offered a single player after each match. If he's no good then that's tough and you'll just have to struggle through another match.

League Challenge is being sold as a budget game but I would still think twice about paying £2.99 for it.

Steve Brook

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