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Trivial Pursuit: Young Player's Edition
By Domark
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 5.01

The computerised version of the best-selling board game Trivial Pursuit has been very successful, judging by its high position in the Gallup charts.

Supplied with that game are 3000 questions taken mainly from the Genus Edition. Now you can buy the Young Player's Edition, either as a complete game, or as a Question Pack if you already have Trivial Pursuits.

This release makes it much more of a family game. Questions are stored in eight files on a separate cassette, four containing questions for 7 to 12 year olds, the rest for 12 years upwards.

The tape holds a total of 3000 questions on People and Places, Good Times, Science and Technology, Art and Culture, Natural World, and Games and Hobbies.

You will be faced with such questions as, "Does an elephant drink with its mouth or its trunk?", and "Who was the hero of Raiders Of The Lost Ark?". None of the questions are held in memory, a new one being loaded from the cassette every move. This takes three to five seconds and can become a little tedious.

I won't go into too much detail of the game as this was covered in the December 1986 issue of The Micro User. Suffice to say that the game contains a not-too impressive representation of the Trivial Pursuit board.

Questions can be of three types: A straightforward written question as in the board game, a picture question for which a projection screen is lowered to display an image, or a musical question.

The package contains an interesting set of questions. The graphics aren't amazing but unless you've seen the excellent Amstrad or Commodore versions you probably won't be too disappointed.

Steve Brook

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