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Savage Pond
By Bug Byte

Published in The Micro User 4.05

A bargain in the pond

To most people a frog is a small green slimy amphibian which sits lazily on a lily pad devouring passing flies. I too had this impression until I tried my hand at the tadpole survival course, otherwise known as the Savage Pond.

The screen displays a cross sectional view of the pond. When the game begins the pond is quite barren except for a handful of hydra on the bottom.

Having emerged from one of three eggs you begin to stuff yourself with the nutritious amoebae which float in water.

Savage Pond

These are useful for gaining points, but do little to aid your progress towards becoming a frog.

Froghood is achieved by consuming the worms which drift from the surface to the bottom. For every five worms consumed you take a step towards maturity. Nine such steps and you become a frog.

Unfortunately for our wriggling buddy, life is not a bed of lilies. Apart from the deadly hydra you must also cope with eggs dropped by passing dragonflies.

Savage Pond

It is imperative that these are consumed before they reach the bottom because if they are allowed to hatch you will meet your maker at the jaws of a dragon fly larva.

For each step you take towards maturity a new hazard is introduced to the pond.

These take the form of jellyfish, spiders, and even radioactive waste.

Savage Pond was reviewed in this magazine over 18 months ago and received a very favourable reception. It has now been re-released at less than half the price and is therefore a bargain not to be missed.

Steve Brook

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