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Quattro Sport
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #60

Quattro Sport

When a full-price game has passed its peak you can bet your bottom dollar that it'll make a re-appearance in the shops as a budget title. But what do you do with a budget game that's no longer selling?

Compilations, that's what! Codemasters has taken a look at its old catalogue, grouped similar titles together, and is flogging them in packs of four at the usual budget price. The Quattro range is born.

Quattro Sport is a collection of those titles prefixed by "Pro" and suffixed by "Simulator". All the games allow more than one player to participate in the action.

Grand Prix Simulator sees you on the race track, at steering wheel of a Formula One racing car. Belt round the circuit a la Super Sprint in your bid to pass the chequered flag before anyone else does.

Pro Ski Simulator puts you on the slopes, skiing off piste. You race down the mountain-side very quickly trying not to hit the trees.

BMX Simulator pits you against your rad friends as you race around rad tracks, looking raddish. Jolly good fun, especially against an opponent who's less rad than you are.

Pro Snooker Simulator quietens down the pace slightly. Instead of racing hell-for-leather round a circuit, it's a rather more civilised game to play. Hit those balls into the pockets and score more points than your pal.

Four games for three quid. That's a measly 75p each. So what if the games are old? They all have multi-player action, and are still good fun to play. Great games at a great price.


Overall 75%
Four of the better budgets at a bargain price.

Adam Waring

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