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Amstrad Action

By Mastertronic Plus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #60


Oh no! Those evil alien lifeforms are at it again. They just can't leave us alone, can they? And, as usual, all our hopes are pinned on a lone space fighter to see off the hordes of repugnant scaly slimeballs.

A Space Harrier-like background scrolls towards you from the distance as you zoom through the air. Flying too low brings the danger of collision with towers that thrust their way into the heavens. It's not exactly safe high up, either. Waves of alien scum weave around the screen, spitting laser fire at you.

You can disperse with the space-spawned scum with a variety of weapons - but first you have to earn them. Initially you have a forward-firing laser, but collectable weapons pods give you bolt-on armoury. You need to destroy a complete wave of the evil green mutants before a weapons pod makes its way towards you. Fly into it, and you've got extra firepower to tuck under your belt.

It's fairly easy to wipe out a wave of the grotesque extraterrestrial menace. They fly in such perfect formation that they'd put the Red Arrows to shame. Just let them show off with their fancy flying and wait for them to go straight into the path of your laser beams.

Between each wave of crazed megalomaniacs a meteor storm greets you. After you have shown several waves of the rancid death hordes what you're made of, a mother ship decends. A few hits in the guts and the thing is soon sent packing.

The graphics are smooth, colourful and well drawn. The scenery scrolls towards you in perspective 3D, and the aliens move in and out of the screen in a believable fashion. The ground scenery is all the same on each given level, but it works well enough.

Sound has been poorly implemented. For a start, there are only the barest spot FX. Worse is there's no sound to indicate that you've collided with anything, demanding a third eye to watch your energy bar.

The game is too easy. The aliens, even the mothership, can be destroyed every time once you know what to do. Fine for a few minutes, but ultimately too easy for its own good.

Second Opinion

Looks good, but is a bit too easy once you get the hang of the aliens' attack formations.

First Day Target Score

Blast your way to level three.


Graphics 67%
P. Smooth perspective scrolling.

Sonics 30%
N. Elementary FX.

Grab Factor 68%
P. First game is easy.

Staying Power 40%
N. It stays too easy.

Overall 55%
N. Not tough enough to keep you interested.

Adam Waring

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