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Midnight Resistance
By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #64

Midnight Resistance

When your entire family (including Grandpa, the eminent scientist) have been captured by a ruthless gang of international terrorists, there's just one thing for it. Peace talks through a United Nations envoy? We think not. The only way to negotiate with people like this is with a smoking Kalashnikov.

Your mission is to move in, and move them out. If you don't, the terrorists will force Gramps to build a big bomb and blow up the world (or arrange something equally catastrophic).

You're on your own from here on in, (the arcade version had a two-brother mode), and have to make your way through the hordes of mechanised megalomaniacs with only a gun for company.

Midnight Resistance

Midnight Resistance is a walk-along-the-platforms-and-shoot-everything-that-moves type of game. The difference is that the ways in that you can make your enemies die horrible deaths are far more varied than in other games of the genre. For a start, your weapon can spit lead through a full 360 degrees. It's also possible to crawl through tight passages, still spraying this circle of death as you go. Baddies sneaking up below, or trying to ambush from above, don't stand a chance.

As well as the all too common foot-soldiers, there's plenty of heavy artillery to overcome as well. These armoured enemies take several shots before bursting into a crimson ball of flame. Luckily, it's often possible to find a safe spot where you can hide from their line of fire while you're blasting them into oblivion.

There are nine levels of murder and mayhem to get through. Each one uses varied graphics, includes alternative big baddies, and has a very different feel to the rest.

Midnight Resistance

The first level soon becomes quite easy - after a while, only careless mistakes will get you killed. From then on, however, it's a different story, as each level is significantly tougher than the last. Luckily, at the end of each level there's a shop where you can purchase power-ups to overcome the increasingly hazardous obstacles. Among the weaponry on offer are three-way shooters, and flame throwers - guaranteed to roast anything in your path.

You'll have to choose carefully, though. These extras are bought with keys taken from the bad guys you've slain. You're only allowed to collect a maximum of six, so you'll have to spend them wisely, taking into account from experience what you'll be up against in the next level.

The action is depicted in the Amstrad's four colour mode. The sprites are fairly large and well detailed. Backgrounds, too, are good. The lack of colour can cause problems, though, and you can easily get confused as to what's actually happening. Green Screen owners beware!

Midnight Resistance

Suitably futuristic music plays on the title screen, but in the game proper, sound is sparse. Just the usual explosion and shooting sounds, with little else.

The window in which the action takes place is fairly small. Presumably, this has been done for speed, but to little effect - the game still plays at a sluggish pace. When the edges of the tiny window are met, the playing area is page-scrolled to reveal more of the map.

Midnight Resistance is playable enough, but nothing really special. It has lost many of the features of its arcade parent - any real speed, and the arcade game's two-player option are particularly conspicuous by their absence.

Midnight Resistance

There is something compelling about the game that keeps you coming back for more, though. Maybe it's the vast array of weapons available? Perhaps it's the prospect of nine large levels to fight your way through? Whatever it is, it'll keep you playing well into the early hours. By midnight, all resistance is useless...

First Day Target Score

Reach level three.

Second Opinion

Midnight Resistance is an arcade game that lacks that principal arcade element - speed. Playable enough, however, once you get used to its slower pace of life. Also, the graphics get cluttered and confusing from time to time.

The Verdict

Graphics 72%
P. Good use of the four-colour mode.
N. Sprites get a bit lost at times.

Sonics 61%
P. Reasonable title tune.
N. Not many in-game effects.

Grab Factor 73%
P. The action starts immediately.
N. Slow...

Staying Power 84%
P. Plenty of attractive weapons.
P. Surprisingly addictive despite the sedate pace.

Overall 77%
P. A slow-moving but very playable game..

Adam Waring

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