Pakacuda (Rabbit) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Rabbit
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #19

This is a rather jolly version of Pacman, involving the consumption of lots and lots of fish.

Not only fish, but eel-type things as well. It doesn't tell you in the instructions, but somehow you will probably work out that eating the eeels causes the hunters - some unsavoury octopi - to become the hunted (i.e. eaten).

Joystick only, which I think is a bit of a shame. Not that I dislike waggling a joystick, you understand, but keyboard control allows finer movement...

If you are looking for a Pacman lookalike, this one is about average. If you really sweat at the thought of fish, look no further.


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