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By Commodore
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #27

Hiding somewhere in most software catalogues is that classic among computer games, Space Invaders. Seldom is it immediately apparent which of the listed titles is the invaders clone, as most publishers are somewhat bashful about admitting that their games are not all new and original. Is it Alien Attack? Is it Space Blitz? No, folks, it's Avenger!

This cartridge contains a fast and graphically precise copy of the old favourite; "blip-blip-blip" go the aliens as they shuffle across the screen. "zap-zap-KAPPOW" goes the laser cannon as it trundles to and fro...

Die-hard traditionalists may like this game but the rest of us gimmick-starved hedonists probably won't. This cartridge is spectacularly over-priced.


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