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Home Computing Weekly

Crazy Climber/Apple Bug
By Lyversoft
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

In spite of the cover picture of a caveman menacing a giant tomato with a spear, Crazy Climber is in fact a game about a little man and his mission to collect flags from some very precarious scaffolding before it collapses. It is well packaged, loads reliably, gives good screen instructions and is fun to play.

The companion program, Apple Bug, gives us control over the destiny of a hungry little insect as it consumes randomly positioned apples in a simple maze.

Alas, this program reflects the harsh reality of nature, for in this near paradise is a very nasty worm, determined to put an end to our little friend's lunch.

If this happens our bug turns over and twitches his little legs in the air in a heart-rending fashion before expiring. "Wormed again" comments the program dispassionately.

I would not recommend this pair to those of you with particularly sensitive natures, but they're just the thing for tough kids to enjoy. A "best score" would be a good addition though.


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