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Home Computing Weekly

Mr. Wiz
By Superior
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

You must guide Mr. Wiz about a garden collecting or eating cherries as you go. Small blue nasties called gremlins try to corner him. Scattered about the garden are apples, which can be undermined so that they fall on the gremlins. You gain extra points by eating the mushroom where the gremlins live, but this angers them and makes them nastier.

Clear the screen and it's on to the next. By now you will have realised that this is a cover version of a well-known arcade game, and as such it's a fair copy.

Design is slick with colourful graphics and smooth animation. The background music is a rather thin version of the overture from Orpheus in the underworld, and becomes rather tedious.

The pace is perhaps a little too fast, with rather mean nasties. I feel the less able players might find it too daunting. I found it boring after a while, but I'm sure real arcade fans will love it. The main weakness is its lack of originality and variety.


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