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Home Computing Weekly

Everest Ascent
By Richard Shepherd
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

Combining aspects of adventure and resource management, this program requires the player to control ten Sherpas with varying cost/performance merit, ten items of equipment, and cash flowing in at an unpredictable rate.

The concept is good, but more attention might have been paid to the player's convenience. It was irritating to be offered a menu of options, only to fmd that the option I chose was invalid in the current circumstances. For example, if there are stars in the sky, indicating night time, the only valid option is to camp.

Limited availability of key information, such as the remaining cash in hand, may deliberate policy, but it results in the need to make copious notes. You can get at the information by asking for a 'Position' report (which means 'status'), but it is not available while consequent changes are being made.

No serious bugs were found, bar the appearance of equipment in the list of Sherpas, which may have been due to user error, but the program is not uncrashable. A "quit" option would have been welcome where disaster was inevitable.

Nevertheless, an interesting, if frustrating game. With practice the disadvantages can be minimised and reasonable progress can be made.


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