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Home Computing Weekly

Stellar 7
By Penguin
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

For many moons I have awaited the appearance of a version of that superb arcade game 'Battle Zone'. Here it is, at last. The scenario is simple. You control a tank-like vehicle and must progress via a warp-link to various star systems. destroying the various enemies on the way.

The display gives you the view through the front of your tan k. The scenery and opponents are drawn as line shapes. The strength of the game is the 3D effect which is generated as you move. The opposition and other objects change position, shape and size relative to your movement. These changes occur rapidly without any trace of flicker. As the enemy fires at you, even the laser bolts or shells are visible as they head in your direction. Scattered around the area are obstacles and fuel dumps. The latter are useful to replenish your reserves.

When you encounter the warp-link. you can use it to move on to the next planet. You are equipped with shields whose energy is depleted as you are hit and you have an invisible cloak for moments of extreme danger - at great cost in energy.

Everything about this game is professional and slick. The animation is superb with nice transitions between screens. The comprehensive instructions are supplemented by a superb introductory sequence in the program describing the various adversaries. Both keyboard and joystick control are supported.

At the price this program is excellent value and totally enthralling.


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