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Machine Code For Beginners
By Dream
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

Another excellent package from Dream. Most programs which say they are for "absolute beginners" to machine code turn out to be anything but! You flounder around in hexadecimal and registers, and you end up lost.

This is different. It's a simulation of a simple microprocessor with just four registers and a limited instruction set. The whole of the CPU is displayed on the screen. The accompanying manual takes you gently through each instruction, together with the processes which take place within your micro. If you don't like hex, you can do it in decimal. After considering the action of the instruction, you can enter it in a simple program and watch the CPU at work. The graphics are very clever, and a real aid to understanding.

By following the manual, you can build up the necessary information to understand the real thing, like a Z80, later The manual itself is so well-written it's almost worth the package price. Even though this is a simulation, the mnemonices are very like those of the Z80. First class for the student or enthusiast.


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