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Home Computing Weekly

Base Invaders/Scramble/High Noon
By Work Force
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

Work Force aimed to produce an "L.P." of Spectrum games for the new user. From other sources, these games would cost more than £15 if bought separately.

Base Invaders is a version of Space Invaders, Scramble resembles Orbiter/Penetrator and High Noon is a western shoot-out game complete with cactus and a chuck wagon.

There is, however, a catch.

Although each of the games is written in machine code and therefore fast, graphics, animation and sound are fairly crude when compared with the latest offering from Ultimate, Megadodo or Imagine. Similarly, title pages and character sets are very unsophisticated.

It looks as if Work Force has repackaged three of its early Spectrum programs as an incentive to new users.

As such, this is a very worthwhile effort. Having spent £100 or so on a computer, another £15 seems a lot just for games. This beginners' pack at just £6.50 eases the pain and gives you a great deal for your money.


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