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The Journey
By Temptation
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

The Journey is an adventure with graphics, but only now and then. One could not describe it as being fully illustrated; of the 50 or so locations, few are pictured in the simple style we have come to expect on the Spectrum.

Your quest is set in the lands of the Black Warlock, whose Guardians are not very friendly, picking your way gingerly North to seek out the White Ship of the elves. You must defeat the Guardians, and other nasties, in order to make your way.

If you gain their respect, you may get some help from the elf, the warrior, and the wizard. All these characters have a life of their own, reacting to you as they see fit!

Just to make matters more interesting, the whole land is littered with coded messages. Examine the objects carefully, and you might find a clue! Fail to act quickly, and you're dead!

Descriptions of locations are adequate, if not inspired, and the input interpreter simple but effective. Response from the Spectrum does seem slow.

You certainly won't solve this one all in one go! It's complex and tantalising.


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