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Home Computing Weekly

Jumpin Jack
By Livewire
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

This game will appeal to those frog-squashing freaks who put 10 pences into Frogger in their spare time. Jumpin Jack goes one step further than Frogger - you are playing with 3D graphics.

You have to manoeuvre a small green frog from one side of the screen into one of the bays at the other side within a time limit. On the way you must dodge traffic on the road and hop between logs and turtles on the river.

Further difficulties are getting the lady frog across avoiding snakes, crocodiles, sinking turtles, etc.

The graphics use full colour and on a colour TV set are excellent. On a black and white set some shades of grey blend. A typical case is logs and water. This is unfortunate. The game is still playable although not quite as good.

Viewers of BBC1's Take Hart will recognise the background tune. Sound is good - no faults at all here.

The game allows you to control nearly all aspects of play by a selection of keypresses and screen displays. Joystick is optional.

As a final extra, buyers are entitled to enter a high-score competition with a CMB-1541 disk drive as first prize.