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Home Computing Weekly

Bizy Beezzzz
By Solar
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #70

A Krazy Kong/Manic Miner type game. The object is to move up and down ladders, along platforms and over gaps in the floor. There are jars of honey at various points which you must collect. Upon completing a level you are sent on to the next screen which is slightly harder.

Music is played throughout. There are quite a few tunes and the quality is quite good.

As to graphics, I cannot say much in favour. The sprite graphics are not very spectacular and the screen layouts are all similar and boring to look at.

While playing I found it was difficult to control your playing man. Moving up, down, left and right work perfectly, but when you come to jump there is no room for mistakes on your behalf.

The program only takes a few minutes to load. The instructions say 10 minutes - don't ask me where they got this number from!

The general quality of the game is not of the standard we expect from today's computer games. A few years ago they might have got away with it but now there is too much competition from better games.