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Dicky's Diamonds
By Romik
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

The playing area for this original game is a spider's web, in the middle of which is a diamond.

In order to get the diamond you must move your owl along each strand of the web, turning the strands black as you go.

The last strand which you turn black must be one of the centre axis strands, and to make life even more difficult, the spider must be on this strand as you move on to it.

While you are weakening the web, the spider will walk about the white web only, except when it comes to a dead end, in which case it will re-spin more white web.

If you meet a spider. then it will kill you.

This may sound very easy but believe me, it's not. There are also facilities to make the game even harder. You can have faster speeds, two spiders and limited flights for the owl.

If you manage to collect the diamond, then the web explodes and your owl will fly off with the diamond.

If the last strand of web that you weaken is not on the central axis, then the web explodes and you fall to the ground.

The program can be played with either keyboard or joystick. It is very well-presented and plays some classical music between games.