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Home Computing Weekly

Games Compendium 01
By Salamander
Oric 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #21

Four all-Basic games appear on this compendium: Donkey Derby, Viper, Kingdom and Space Station. the two arcade-style games, Viper and Space Station are very slow, so they provide only limited enjoyment.

In Viper, you move a snake around the screen picking up numbers while trying to avoid obstructions or falling off the edge of the screen.

The object of Space Station is to dock a space capsule. You control the capsule's direction in three dimensions, avoiding the meteors.

Kingdom is an old microcomputer standard in which you play the part of an emperor of a small state. No graphics are used, but the text is Gothic style - a nice touch.

Donkey Derby is a game for several players. You bet on the outcome of a race between six donkeys. This is the best game of the four for graphics and sound effects, but is still unremarkable.

The cassette is well-packaged, but the standard of the programs is reminiscent of those available in the early days of the ZX81 - poor!


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