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Home Computing Weekly

Yahtzi/Knight's Move
By Htl
Oric 1/Oric 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

These two well-written family games, retailing at less than £5, represent good value for Oric owners.

Both programs loaded rapidly and without any problems, but incorporated a novel load check facility just in case of difficulty.

Also impressive was the tuneful HTL logo at the start of both programs.

Yahtzi is the standard dice game for two to eight players, in which the aim is to be the first to achieve a set of die combinations.

The program does everything for you; "throws" the dice, scores, and provides you with an on-screen reminder of the combinations you need, and the possibilities in your throw.

Knight's Move is a board game for up to five players. The object is to swap two sets of knights of different colour using the chess knight movement of the pieces.

Not only is the number of moves taken important, but also the time taken.

It may require fast thinking, but once played a few times, you may find that the object is achieved relatively easily, and the appeal of the game is lost.


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