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Home Computing Weekly

Key Trainer
By Kenema Associates
Oric 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #18

This program took seven minutes to load. After trying it out, I'm not sure it was worth the wait.

The tape contains eight exercises in using the keyboard, or progressively difficulty, sort of. Instructions for the first six are included in exercise one, though you're not told this.

To start with, you hit any key, and the computer confirms it! From then on you have to press the key corresponding to one chosen at random by the computer - the further you've progressed, the greater the selection it chooses from. When you've had enough, you can look at your percentage success rate and get back to the main menu.

The last two exercises are slightly different. In exercise 7 you type in 1 to 10 lines of text, which are then justified as in a word processor. Exercise 8 simply requires you to copy the text you have just typed in. I couldn't see the point of this.


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