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Fire Flash is a standard clone of Defenders. The object is to defend a fuel depot from enemy vessels trying to steal your fuel. They get nasty when you try to stop them, and fire rockets, or bump into you deliberately to destroy you (after all, there are more of them than you!).

You have three lives and a radar display to help you. If you succeed in destroying one wave of aliens, your reward is to get another wave of space ships, twice in number.

The program uses the sound chip to excellent advantage, and colours and screen display are reasonable. The choice of control keys is bizarre. For example, the up cursor key is used to lower your space ship!

It is also too easy to cheat. One option is to pass into hyperspace. By keeping the appropriate key depressed, you can stay in hyperspace and the enemy can't touch you. You can come out, shoot an enemy and split back before a shot is returned.

Pure Flash (Oric 1/Oric Atmos)








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