Amstrad Action

Game Over
By Dinamic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #25

Game Over

Gremla is the woman on the cover of the game, who underwent a cover-up on the game's adverts. She's also a megalomaniac. Arkos, her faithful lieutenant, has stopped being faithful and decided to end her reign of greed and cruelty. You take the role of Arkos in his attempt to depose Gremla.

The game loads in two parts and represents two worlds. The first, the planet Hypsis, is 20 screens wide and is a series of flick-screen rooms. The objective is to reach the last screen where you will be given a code number to allow you to play part two, the planet Sckunn.

Hypsis contains a variety of aliens with differing firepower. They fly on or appeal out of the floor. These must be either shot or blown up with grenades. Particularly dangerous are stationary gun turrets which are very difficult to destroy. There are also some red and white barrels to be found. Shooting these three times reveals their contents including grenades, force fields, hearts (for more energy), power up (for a more powerful weapon) and the more deadly mine which will kill you on contact.

Game Over

The planet Sckunn contains two areas, the forest and the palace. The forest is occupied by kangaroo-like creatures which drain your power when they hit you. The palace is occupied by other creatures and robots which all hamper your progress. Lying around the planet are "pow" icons which regenerate your power to the full. On both planets there are impressively large monsters that will really grab your attention when they appear.

The graphics are large and colourful and the animation is good. There are no tunes but the sound effects aren't bad. The most irritating thing about the first planet is that, if you are killed, you have to go right back to the first screen. Very rewarding if you can persevere, but in the long run probably a bit limited.

Second Opinion

It's certainly a bit frustrating to begin with because you get wiped out very quickly - which seems to be a feature of Dinamic's games. Once you get into it, it's most enjoyable - large sprites, plenty of action and even some platform jumping thrown in.

First Day Target Score

Game Over

Get off Hypsis.

Green Screen View

Everything is visible.


Graphics 89%
P. Large colourful graphics.
P. Good death routine.

Game Over

Sonics 54%
P. Only a few zapping effects

Grab Factor 71%
P. Lots to blast straight away
N. Extremely annoying to have to go back to the start on first planet.

Staying Power 75%
P. The second planet is more interesting
N. Once you can get past level one it's not that tricky.

Overall 72%
P. Again graphic excellence from Dinamic...
N. ...but the gameplay disappoints slightly


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