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Amstrad Action

By Electric Dreams
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #29


As a member of the Fire Department you volunteer for the dangerous task of scaling the burning building. Ulterior motive? Yep! There's a beautiful woman stranded at the top. If you are a woman then assume it to be a man. The characters are so dubiously defined that the difference between a man and a woman stems from the deep recesses of some programmer's mind. Send 'em a picture of some of the gorgeous Amstrad Action secretaries, that's what I say!

You can move left and right as well as up and down. The building scrolls before you. Fire puffs from windows attempting to block your path. Use your water gun to fue a huge water globule at it. One or two hits should quench it.

The occupants of the building lean from the window shouting and screaming for help. Well I say shouting, but it's more like mouthing really. Anyway, just touching these people will send them parachuting down to the safety of terra firma! Why they don't jump before I don't know. Perhaps you whisper some sort of encouraging message!

Fire Trap

Flaming objects fall towards you which you must either dodge or quench. As you get closer to the top of the building, a fireball will descend upon you. You must dodge this or you will die. When/if you eventually reach the burning beauty, you will stand upon the top of the building for a few seconds saluting to the cheering crowd, before you free fall down to the bottom to start another run. On your way down, you can still move and fire which allows you to shoot at remaining flaming windows. A related bonus is then awarded.

Graphics are single coloured. Do I detect a similarity to the graphics of lesser computers? Sound is pretty poor, with no sound effects to mention. However, I would suggest that this game could well be suitable for anyone with a young child or wishing to get slowly into the games side of home computing.

Second Opinion

Uncolourful graphics makes this look pretty bad. Gameplay is repetitive - just rescuing people and dodging falling debris. A lot more could have been made of this game.

Green Screen View

Fire Trap

Monochrome game looks as bad in green as it does in colour.

First Day Target Score


The Verdict

Graphics 49%
N. Blocky-tacky of the first degree.
N. Poor use of colour.

Fire Trap

Sonics 41%
N. Strangely bad.

Grab Factor 61%
P. Easy movement controls.
N. Quickly gets repetitive.

Staying Power 53%
N. Each level repeats itself
N. Doesn't get much harder.

Overall 56%
N. Nice idea but not well implemented.


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