Home Computing Weekly


Author: M.N.
Publisher: Quicksilva
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

Fearless Fred the intrepid archaeologist is in the catacombs below the tomb of Tootiecarmoon. You must guide him round each level of the catacombs, collecting ammo for his gun. Nefertiti's potion will replenish his strength, and there's a bomb to blast a way to the next level as well as treasures scattered around.

There are the obligatory baddies - a bell-shaped ghost against which Fred's gun seems singularly ineffective, and a few skeletons. The acid dripping from the roof makes it necessary to time Fred's moves carefully.

This game loads faster than any other Commodore game I've seen, including disc games. The instructions are concise and barely adequate, and load separately, so you can skip them once you've mastered the rules.

The graphics are attractive and well animated, but the few levels of catacombs that I reached all looked much the same. The background music is irritating and irrelevant, but it can be switched off.

The cassette inlay says Commodore 64 and joystick, so I was surprised to find a keyboard option, using an unusual but workable combination of keys.


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