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Murder On The Zinderneuf
By Ariolasoft
Commodore 64/128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #113

One of the 16 passengers on the luxury airship Zinderneuf has been murdered. Fortunately, a thinly disguised famous detective - Miss Agatha Marbles, Inspector Klutzeau or anyone of half a dozen others - is on hand to unmask the murderer. Will they succeed in solving the mystery before the airship lands? Highly unlikely, I think.

The game is played by moving your choice of detective around a floor plan of the airship. The graphics are rather odd; I found the patterned carpets very distracting. Passengers materialise like magic when the detective enters a room, and bumping into one produces a menu of options: question them about the other passengers, ignore them or accuse them of the crime. If you select the right approach, they may agree to answer up to three questions. There are also clues to be found in many of the rooms, but some, if not all, of these are of very little relevance to the case.

After a long period of searching and questioning, your hero/heroine should have collected lots of conflicting information. Then it is just a matter of sifting through it to arrive at a logical] solution to the mystery, or alternatively, making a wild guess as to the identity of the murderer. At the end of the journey, or soon if you are either luckier or more skilful than I was, the true culprit is revealed, together with an explanation of their motive which leaves the relevance of most of the clues still shrouded in mystery.


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